from by Every Atlas



Open up your eyes
to see right through my skin
It's a dream I can't deny
to separate my sin
You gotta let me in
let me in
The ropes they came undone
relinquished all my fears
But you saved that smoking gun
to call back through the years

But your love grew like branches
To the trees, endlessly
Pray to some kind of fable
You believe, set you free
Crawl out of the sunlight
Burn your eyes, bound my feet
Say your goodbyes
Beckoning, everything, glory be

You carved into that rock (through the night, you will find, I've said my goodbyes)
some dead and forgotten language (I was scared, there was no, truth I could ever know)
When the animals all rot (same for you, through and through, what the hell could you do?)
we will both remain (give it up? had enough? I've drained all your love)
I only told the truth, (still you creep through my mind)
but the truth is constantly changing (like the plague, every night)
And if I ever die (but I won't stop till it's through)
We can gauge its reaction (if it's all I can do, to prove that...)

Your arms grew like branches
To the trees, settling
Pray you're actually able
To retrieve all you see
Sleep fast for the moonlight
Beckoning, in my dreams
Say your goodbyes...

We piled our baskets full
and walked for 20 years
You are not my God
I've already been here


from Every Atlas, released March 8, 2015



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