Fragile Bones - Single

by Every Atlas





released 06 December 2013

all songs written and recorded by Every Atlas
piano on "Threes" by Alexa Evans
artwork by Madeline Horan
recorded at Basshead Studios in Hughson, CA
mix and mastered by Phil Short



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Fragile Bones
I felt a cold wind blow through my fragile bones
Their pulse and pigment- crystal, kaleidoscope
I'm feeling angry for no reason

I dug a deep trench to put my body in
So when I've used it, it's purpose redirects
A little darker than I am used to

But you see, I had no choice
Cause I have to
And I'm supposed to let it go

I sought a lost cause, a catastrophic mess
It's force and friction left me with better sense
Some kind of monster I beckon back to

I let my wolf's mouth fill up with liar's blood
My teeth will fall out, straight past my silver tongue
I do not believe in what I can't see

But you see, I had no choice
Cause I have to
And I'm supposed to let it go
Track Name: Threes
You folded your hands and you counted to three just to breathe
You said it never takes that long, well just as soon I got bored
You asked me to stop and I couldn't believe I was seeing
You asked me how I felt so sure, I don't know

You folded your clothes and I counted at least three believe me
I've never been honest before, but a start is a start
I apologize for every time I disappoint or deceive thee
Forgiveness is pensive, I'll promise if you promise too

Believe in me,
cause I've got nothing to show
for these stones that I've placed on my back
Believe me,
cause I've planted these roots too damn deep
now I can't go back